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Law Firm’s St. Louis Foundation Built to Last

Bruntrager & Billings, P.C. was founded in 1954 by Raymond A. Bruntrager, Sr. The foundation mantra was simple: charge a fair fee, treat clients with respect and perform the legal work that was promised.

When Bruntrager, Sr. first opened his firm, he was known primarily as a criminal defense attorney. Skilled in the courtroom, he won an acquittal for physician under a multi-count federal indictment for selling prescriptions—an extremely rare feat. Bruntrager, Sr. further solidified his reputation as an experienced litigator by winning a not-guilty verdict in a federal bank robbery case.

In 1974, Bruntrager’s son, Raymond A. Bruntrager, Jr., joined his father’s practice, and the firm’s name was changed to Bruntrager & Bruntrager. The untimely death of the younger Bruntrager, in 1979, brought about additional changes to the firm. Bruntrager’s son-in-law Charles H. Billings joined the practice, and the firm’s name was changed to Bruntrager & Billings. The firm’s current five partners are a combination of brothers, in-laws and Charles’ son, Charlie.

Sadly, in late 2014, Raymond A. Bruntrager, Sr. passed away. His life and accomplishments were celebrated in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article. Click here to read the full article.