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When a company makes or sells a product, the consumer who buys it has a legal right to expect that it will be reasonably safe when the product is used for its intended purpose. There are millions of products available in the marketplace that have the potential to harm consumers. Product liability lawsuits make up a majority of personal injury cases as defects in the way products are designed or made could lead to serious personal injury. Product liability lawsuits can also have the highest settlements as many product liability claims include punitive damages against manufacturers.




Consumers who spend hard-earned wages on products never anticipate their use could lead to such tragic consequences as the loss of a limb, the use of an eye or even the end of a life. Unfortunately, many Americans are hurt or killed each year by defective products.


Unsafe products that have recently made headlines include:


  • Strollers with design flaws that can lead to finger amputation
  • Cribs with dangerous gaps that can cause strangulation
  • Rechargeable batteries that are fire hazards
  • Window blinds with pull cords that pose a danger of strangulation
  • All-terrain vehicles with a dangerous tendency to roll over
  • Defective oxygen tanks used by firefighters that run out of air without warning
  • Automobile seat belts that don’t remain fastened in crashes
  • Defective tires that are subject to tread separation
  • Automobile gas tanks with design flaws that make them prone to explosion




If you or a loved one has been injured or a family member has been killed by an unsafe product, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case. The St. Louis product liability attorneys at Bruntrager & Billings will investigate the accident to determine whether a design or manufacturing defect is to blame.


After reviewing the facts, we will advise the client on how to proceed. If a product liability or wrongful death lawsuit is filed, the client may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, current and future medical expenses, property damage and pain and suffering. If the defect was grossly negligent or intentional, the case may result in punitive damages.


For over 54 years, the personal injury attorneys at Bruntrager & Billings have helped clients harmed by defective manufacturing and design of products. We’ve also tried cases against companies who failed to warn consumers of the potential risks or side effects from using a product. From a vehicle or toy defect to medication and pharmaceutical products causing serious side effects, if you or someone you love has been injured by an unsafe product, contact the experienced, St. Louis product liability lawyers at Bruntrager & Billings who will hold the manufacturers accountable.

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