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What Do You Need In Evidence After A Car Accident?

There is little doubt that after any kind of car accident in Missouri, people who are seeking financial compensation for their losses are going to need to be able to prove how the crash has affected them. Doing this usually requires various forms of evidence, and many people who have been involved in automobile accidents immediately struggle to think of what kinds of evidence they need to worry about procuring.   Evidence can obviously be critical following any St. Louis car accident, but people should know that hiring an experienced car accident attorney can usually help victims secure the important forms of...

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Have You Been Hurt in a Side Impact Collision in Missouri?

Side-impact crashes are among the most dangerous collisions people can be involved in because the force of one vehicle colliding with the side of another vehicle can place many people at serious risk of personal injury. When a car plows into the side of another motor vehicle, a driver or their occupants can be at risk of being seriously hurt because of a collision.   Side impact collisions can also cause enormous insurance concerns because it is always possible that both parties involved in a side impact collision will blame one another for being at fault for a collision. People who suffer...

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What Kinds of Benefits are Available for Workers’ Compensation in Missouri?

Injuries can happen anywhere in Missouri, but many people happen to suffer their injuries while they are on the job and such cases are immediately more complicated because the same people who suffer these injuries have to navigate the Missouri workers compensation system. It is important for all Missouri residents to know that workers' compensation is a no-fault insurance program that entitles people to certain benefits regardless of whether they or their employer caused an accident resulting in injuries.   Anybody who suffers injuries on the job will want to hire a workers compensation lawyer because many insurance companies handling workers’ comp...

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Missouri Marijuana Law Updates: 2023 Edition

Amendment 3 this past November narrowly passed 53.09 percent to 46.91 percent, but in the end, Missouri voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. Missouri joined Maryland to become the 20th and 21st states in the country to allow adults to use marijuana for nonmedical purposes.   The amendment will go into effect on December 8, which is when the agency that manages the program, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), will transition medical license holders already operating to simple recreational licenses. DHSS has already published the first draft of program rules for adult use of cannabis for those ages...

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Injured in an Uber Accident? Do these 4 Things

Rideshare services such Uber, Lyft, and many others have only become more common in recent years, but as many people rely on these companies to provide rides during hectic times, there is always the possibility that a rideshare driver is involved in an automobile accident. When a crash occurs involving a rideshare driver, it can be incredibly complicated for the other parties involved to know how they can recover compensation.   It is important for all people who suffer injuries or whose loved ones are killed in motor vehicle accidents involving rideshare drivers to quickly contact a St. Louis rideshare accident lawyer....

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Expect Increased DUI Enforcement around STL During the Holidays

As we enter December, law enforcement agencies all over Missouri will be looking much more aggressively for people who are operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some police departments may set up checkpoints at higher volume locations in the state to try and catch drunk drivers. In the event that you are arrested for DUI this holiday season, your first call should be to a St. Louis DUI defense lawyer. Your Rights at Checkpoints Michigan Department of State Police v. Sitz, 496 U.S. 444 (1990), was a United States Supreme Court case involving the constitutionality of police sobriety checkpoints...

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When Can You Expunge a Conviction in Missouri?

Missouri Revised Statute § 610.140 is the state expungement law. Over the past several years, lawmakers in Missouri have expanded the number of crimes for which expungement may be applicable.   Senate Bills Nos. 53, 60 and 588, 603, and 942 all expanded the list of crimes that may be expunged. Missouri Revised Statute § 610.140.2 lists the offenses not eligible for expungement as being any class A felony, any dangerous felony, felony offenses of assault, misdemeanor or felony offenses of domestic assault, or felony offenses of kidnapping, any felony offense in which death is an element of the offense, any offense...

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Do You Need to Go to Court after a Car Accident?

After any automobile accident that involves significant property damage or possible injury claims, many people have concerns that they are going to have to go to court to resolve their claims. Fortunately for many people, court appearances are not always necessary in these cases.   The truth is that most car accident claims are resolved outside of court because the insurance companies responsible for the drivers do not want to pay the steep costs that can be involved in taking a case to trial. When the parties involved are aware that individuals have valid claims, it is often just a matter of...

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Can You File a Claim after an Accident Involving Bad Weather?

One question that commonly arises in many motor vehicle accident cases concerns crashes that are either caused or tremendously influenced by inclement weather. Just as Missouri enjoys scenic summertime conditions, the fall, winter, and spring months can all see different periods of bad weather conditions that may include heavy rain, snow, or other conditions.   Missouri Revised Statute § 537.765 establishes that contributory fault, as a complete bar to a plaintiff's recovery, was abolished, and the state would adopt a system of pure comparative fault such that any fault chargeable to a plaintiff would diminish proportionately the amount awarded as compensatory damages...

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Possible Effects Of Pre-existing Conditions On Car Accident Claims

People who are involved in car accidents in Missouri can often suffer serious injuries causing a wide variety of possible problems, and a major concern for these victims can be the pre-existing conditions they had before their accidents. You should know that a pre-existing condition cannot be used to deny you compensation, and you will want to work with a St. Louis lawyer for accident claim when you believe an insurance company will deny your claim or underpay you because of a pre-existing condition.   Insurance companies frequently jump on pre-existing conditions and will often seek complete medical records of victims to...

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