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How to Make Sure Your Will and Trust Are in Order During this Uncertain Time

How to Make Sure Your Will and Trust Are in Order During this Uncertain Time

Like you, we at Bruntrager & Billings, P.C. are concerned about Coronavirus and the interruption to our lives it has created.   We are concerned for our families, our neighbors and our friends, which includes you.  We are still working very hard from home to meet our clients’ needs.

Taking advantage of the many people at home watching TV, there are many ads from car dealers insinuating that now is the time to buy a car.  Instead, it might be smarter to create or update your Will. This is protection for your family and much of it can be done through virtual means.  While you are at home take the time to create a list of your heirs—perhaps it’s the very people you are quarantining at home with. Then, make a list of your special items and to whom they should go.  Decide who you trust to carry out your wishes and trust with your financial estate.  Give us a call and we will take you through all of the legal considerations.  Chuck and Charlie Billings can put your wishes into words and legally binding documents.  Maybe not as glamorous as a new car but much more practical.

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At Bruntrager & Billings, P.C., we assist clients with initial estate plan creation, as well as regular reviews of wills and trusts to identify any possible amendments that will strengthen your estate plan and achieve your long-term goals. Contact us online or call 314-646-0066 to set up a free virtual consultation today.