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Navigating St Louis Summertime Traffic: Common Causes Of Car Accidents And How To Avoid Them

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There is a high likelihood that an individual will be involved in a car accident at least once in their lifetime. Sadly, car accidents are a fact of life, with millions occurring annually globally. In fact, according to 2020 data, it was determined that there are more than 35,000 car accidents each year in the US. 


Many of these accidents leave people injured and cause billions of dollars in property damage. 

Additionally, since car accidents are a daily occurrence, as personal injury attorneys, our Bruntrager & Billings, P.C. St Louis firm always hears about them. However, we’ve found that what isn’t spoken about enough is the cause of these car accidents and how to prevent them from happening. 


That’s why our team has put together this blog to help people learn more about the causes of St Louis auto accidents and how to prevent them and help curb injuries, loss of life, and damages. 



Three Common Causes of Car Accidents In St Louis During Springtime And How To Avoid Them 


Below we have briefly detailed three common causes of car accidents in St Louis during springtime and how to avoid them. However, if you have already been involved in an auto accident, you can speak with our attorneys, and we can try and help you before it’s too late. 

Mobile Phone Use Accidents

There is growing reliability and dependability on mobile phones these days because of how much they can do. Nowadays, people can use their phones to surf the internet, take pictures, make phone calls, text friends and family, answer emails, play games, and use social media platforms. 

Although the tech advancements for mobile phones are innovative, they do have risks. Since so much can be done with a mobile phone, it has become the cause of many accidents in recent years. Ultimately, mobile phones are distracting, and the distraction they provide can cause drivers to get into accidents leading to injuries, damages, and death. 

For example, when drivers are distracted by their phones, they could miss vehicles, cyclists, road signs, and pedestrians, which could cause accidents. Additionally, even though there are strict rules surrounding mobile phone use with laws in place for drivers, many don’t follow the rules. 

How To Avoid Them

The best way to avoid accidents caused by mobile phone use is not to use your phone while driving. If you have to take calls, get a hands-free set that will let you answer and talk without holding your phone. Additionally, if you have emails or texts, you should wait to respond to them until you reach your destination. If they are truly pressing, pull over to a safe area away from traffic before composing a reply. These simple habits can cause a world of good for you and others on the road. 



Poor Weather Collisions

There’s nothing you can do about poor weather. Unfortunately, poor weather conditions can make it almost impossible to drive safely, and this is the cause of many car accidents during the springtime in St Louis and other parts of the country. This is because rain, winds, snow, ice, and generally wet conditions are often responsible for minor and major collisions.

How To Avoid Them

If you or someone else on the road is driving during poor weather conditions with little driving experience, it puts the lives of everyone on the road at risk, which is why you should avoid it. 

Simply ask yourself if you can handle driving in poor weather conditions, and if your answer is no, it’s best to stay off the road until better conditions arise. 

Below are a few more pointers surrounding how to avoid accidents in poor weather conditions:

  • If you’re driving when inclement weather begins, you need to turn on your hazards and lights and drive slowly – preferably less than 50 miles per hour, especially during torrential rain. 
  • If the rain or weather is too hazardous, go to the side of the road and wait until you can see better while driving. 
  • Avoid using your mobile phone, and don’t speed up during poor weather. 


Driver Fatigue Accidents

A recent study conducted by the CDC found that within 30 days, one out of every 25 drivers fell asleep while driving. These findings are shocking but unsurprising, considering the busy lives people lead and the vital role truckers play in the delivery industry. 

Although speed kills, so does drowsy or fatigued driving, and driving on little sleep puts you and others on the road at risk. You could also be charged with a criminal offense for driving while fatigued. 

How To Avoid Them

Avoiding getting involved in fatigued driving accidents is fairly easy. All you must do is ensure that when you get behind the wheel of a car, you are not too tired to the point that it could impair your driving. It only takes a split second for disaster to strike, so you need to be well-rested to ensure you better your chances of getting from one place to the next in one piece. 



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If you’ve been injured in a St Louis car accident during the springtime, you need to consider getting in touch with an experienced attorney at the Bruntrager & Billings, P.C. law firm. 


Our firm has extensive experience handling car accident cases, and we can help you file a claim with your insurance or a lawsuit with a liable third party. Simply contact us here, and we’ll help you begin the legal process.