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Can You Ever Recover Compensation for a Single Vehicle Accident?

Can You Ever Recover Compensation for a Single Vehicle Accident?

When you think of recovering compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional losses (or legal damages) in a car accident claim, your mind likely got to two-car accidents in which the other driver is at fault. This scenario, however, doesn’t cover all such claims. Sometimes, single car accidents are caused by the negligence of other entities, and this fact shouldn’t be overlooked. If a single car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured, look to the professional legal guidance of an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer today. 

Road Defects

Sometimes, defects in the road itself lead to very serious accidents, and in certain instances compensation can be sought from one or more of the following entities (as applicable):

  • The city, state, county, or municipality that is responsible for maintaining the road in the reasonably safe condition necessary to allow for the safe passage of motorists like you
  • The private business responsible for the accident location (if it occurred in a parking lot, parking ramp, or private road)
  • Any third-party entities that contract with the government to maintain or work on the road in question
  • The product manufacturer (if a piece of safety equipment on the road, for example, is defective – or if a material used in the road’s construction is dangerously flawed in some way)

Determining the responsible party can be exceptionally challenging, and sometimes, more than one governmental agency and/or third party shares fault. Single car accidents that are caused by someone else’s negligence are too complicated to leave to chance – you need a dedicated car accident lawyer in your corner. 


Vehicle Defects

Sometimes, the very car you drive can be dangerously defective and can lead to a serious accident that doesn’t involve another car. These claims are known as products liability claims, and they break down into three basic categories. 


Design Defects

Design defects refer to flaws in the vehicle’s very design, which means that the car was dangerous before it was even manufactured (in essence). A prime example is when a car’s tires are prone to blowing out (due to the design they are based upon). 


Manufacturing Defects

Other dangerous flaws occur during the manufacturing process. Such flaws are not inherent to the car or cars part’s design but, instead, arise during the manufacturing process itself. A car engine that is rendered faulty during the manufacturing process due to a missing safety mechanism is an example.


Inadequate Warnings or Instructions

Manufacturer of commercial products, including cars and car parts, are responsible for warning consumers about any of their products’ inherent dangers and for providing instructions that foster safe usage. Failure to do so can prove life threatening, and a good example is failing to instruct drivers how to address the matter of airbags when they have children as passengers. 


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