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Defending Against Drug Possession And Trafficking Charges

Defending Against Drug Possession And Trafficking Charges

According to Drug Abuse statistics, about 1.16 million Americans are arrested for drug-related offenses yearly. If you are charged with drug possession or trafficking, it’s important to have a good defense strategy, as you could face severe consequences involving fines and jail time. 


Fortunately, Bruntrager & Billings, P.C. attorneys are experts at providing defenses against drug possession and trafficking. We have been helping the people of St Louis for decades and can help you find the right defense strategy for your case. 


Yet, before you speak with our attorneys, it’s an excellent idea to learn more about your possible defenses for these crimes. So continue reading to learn more. 


What Is The Actual Difference Between Drug Possession And Drug Trafficking? 

Before we look at a few popular defenses you could use for a drug possession or trafficking charge, we’ve briefly detailed the difference between the two. Knowing the difference will help you establish which defense will work best for your case. 


When law officials refer to drug possession, they state that an individual has an illegal or controlled substance on their person. However, a person doesn’t have to have it on their person to be charged with drug possession. 


For example, an individual caught using drugs can also be charged with possession, and a person with drugs in a car’s glove compartment or in a dresser drawer where they are staying could also be charged with possession. 


In contrast, drug trafficking refers to when individuals sell or illegally transport drugs across state or national lines. In most instances, those with a substantial amount of illicit drugs are charged with drug trafficking. 


Unfortunately, penalties for drug trafficking are often far more severe than drug possession penalties, with those convicted left with a felony and lengthy prison sentences. 


What Are A Few Common Defenses Against Drug Possession And Drug Trafficking? 

No matter which way you examine it, drug possession and drug trafficking charges are serious, which is why you need a solid defense plan. You could lose your case if you don’t utilize the right defense strategy. 

So look below to learn about a few common defenses against drug possession and trafficking that you could use with the assistance of an attorney. 

The Police Did Not Have The Right To Search You

You have rights, and your rights can be violated if you are arrested after the police have no right to search you. Even if you were guilty, according to the law, the police have to follow proper protocols before making an arrest. If the police that arrested you did not have a search warrant, you could file to have the charges dismissed because they had no right to search and arrest you. Any drugs found would likely not be admissible as evidence because your rights were violated, meaning there would be no grounds for charge


You Were Trafficking Because Of A Dangerous Threat

Sometimes individuals have no choice but to traffic drugs or be in possession of them because of dangerous threats to their well-being or that of their families. 

If you were forced to traffick drugs or be in possession of them because a drug dealer threatened to hurt, kill, or kidnap you or your loved ones, you could use the defense that you only went through with the action because you were threatened.

In some instances, this could lead to the charges being dropped if there is enough evidence and you have an expert attorney on your side fighting for you. 


You Were Found at The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Unfortunately, there are some instances where you could find yourself in the wrong situation at the wrong time. If you were found at the scene of a drug distribution operation, it’s possible that you would be charged with drug trafficking even though you are innocent. 

In these circumstances, you should consider hiring an attorney as soon as possible, as you will need lots of evidence to prove you are innocent and in no way affiliated with the drug trafficking ring. 


Contact A Missouri Drug Trafficking And Possession Attorney Today To Discuss Your Case

These are only a few of the defenses you could use to fight drug possession and trafficking charges in Missouri. If you have been charged with either of these crimes in Missouri, you should consider speaking with our criminal defense attorneys at Bruntrager & Billings, P.C. 


Our law firm is ready to protect your rights and help you with the charges you’re facing so that you can get your life back on track. After you contact us here, we will arrange for a consultation. You can tell us more about your case, and we will determine how best to proceed together.