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Halloween Festivities Can Expose Children to a Risk of Serious Injuries

Halloween Festivities Can Expose Children to a Risk of Serious Injuries

With October upon us, many parents in the St. Louis area are gearing up to celebrate Halloween with their kids. The time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating in spooky costumes collecting more candy than is ever appropriate for one child to have is certainly one that is fun and creates great memories for parents and children alike. Unfortunately, it also exposes kids to a risk of significant injuries as a result of pedestrian accidents caused by negligent drivers.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween?

So what makes Halloween one of the most dangerous nights of the year for pedestrians? It’s a confluence of events that, when put together, create a perfect storm of dangerous conditions. Some of the factors that make Halloween night so dangerous include:

  • As the days get shorter, it gets dark earlier, creating a perfect spooky Halloween ambiance – but also making it harder for drivers to see pedestrians
  • Excited trick-or-treaters are more likely to act in unpredictable ways like darting into the street
  • Many adults who attend Halloween parties or go out to bars may get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, resulting in more drunk drivers than usual

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to reduce your child’s risk of involvement in a pedestrian accident this Halloween. Some tips provided by the National Safety Council include:

  • Avoid costumes that involve masks, as they can interfere with vision
  • Make sure that costumes are brightly colored or have reflective tape
  • Always have a responsible adult accompany young children when they are trick-or-treating
  • If older children are going alone, make sure you plan out a route that avoids busy roads and intersections
  • Both children and adults should put their electronic devices down and keep their heads up when walking
  • Tell children to stay in familiar, well-lit areas and stay with their group

What to Do in the Event of a Pedestrian Accident

Unfortunately, no amount of preparation can make trick-or-treating completely risk-free, and there will almost certainly be pedestrian accidents in and around St. Louis this Halloween. In the unfortunate event that your child is injured, here are some steps you should take to protect his or her legal rights:

  • Summon the police to the scene of the accident. If the driver violated a traffic law or was impaired at the time of the accident, the police will issue a citation or arrest the driver. If either occurs, it can make your case much simpler.
  • Take your child for a comprehensive medical evaluation, even if emergency medical personnel clear your child to go home or he or she is discharged from the hospital after observation. It’s critical that you create official records of his or her injuries for any insurance claim that you file in the future.
  • Call an attorney as soon as you can after the accident, and be sure not to accept a settlement offer from the driver or his or her insurance company in the meantime.

If Your Child Was Injured, Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Today

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