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Happy Father’s Day: A Tribute to Our Founder

Happy Father’s Day: A Tribute to Our Founder

Before opening his own firm in 1954, Raymond A. Bruntrager served in the circuit attorney’s office, prosecuting many high-profile cases, including over 50 felony cases, and establishing himself as a success-driven, criminal defense attorney. It was in this office that Bruntrager tried his most famous case: The Southwest Bank Robbery in 1953, which was eventually made into a movie, The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery starring Steve McQueen in 1959.

Raymond A. Bruntrager was many things throughout his lifetime. An Army Air Force Veteran, an honoree of the Soldier’s Medal, a lawyer, a business owner, and a father to name a few.

When he started his law firm in 1954, his mantra was simple: treat clients with respect and perform the legal work that was promised in return for a fair fee. And though his firm has continued on without him, his legacy remains.

To this day, Bruntrager’s son, Neil, says, “I have people who call the office to say, ‘I was a client 50 years ago, and I wanted to see how he was doing.’ You can only hope to begin to touch a fraction of the lives he touched for the good.”

For all that you did for us then, and now, thank you. Happy Father’s Day! To read more about Raymond and his life, click here.