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Injured in an Uber Accident? Do these 4 Things

Rideshare services such Uber, Lyft, and many others have only become more common in recent years, but as many people rely on these companies to provide rides during hectic times, there is always the possibility that a rideshare driver is involved in an automobile accident. When a crash occurs involving a rideshare driver, it can be incredibly complicated for the other parties involved to know how they can recover compensation.


It is important for all people who suffer injuries or whose loved ones are killed in motor vehicle accidents involving rideshare drivers to quickly contact a St. Louis rideshare accident lawyer. Experienced legal counsel will be able to determine who can be held liable and then work to make sure you recover every single dollar that is available to you.

Go to the doctor

All people need to understand that following any kind of car accident, every single person needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is true even when people do not think they were hurt because many injuries involve delayed symptoms and seeing a doctor several days or weeks after a collision can complicate recovery in these cases.


A person will want to have a doctor perform all of the necessary tests to ensure there are no unknown injuries, and also to know that other injuries can be properly treated. It will also be beneficial to create a medical record as soon as possible after an accident so the injuries can be connected to the crash.

Document your recovery

While people are recovering, they should try to take notes about their recovery process and the challenges they are facing. What exactly do you want to document?


Try to note all instances of physical pain and also try to rate how the pain felt. Also note any mental or emotional side effects.


You may see changes in your physical abilities. Be sure to note any medications you might be taking.

Stay off off social media

Many people rely on social media these days to inform their friends and family members about everything that is going on in their lives, but you are going to need to take an extended break from all social media activities while you have a possible rideshare accident case pending. Insurance companies representing negligent drivers or other parties involved in a collision will certainly be seeking information posted on social media because it can often help fight certain claims.


For example, a person who is seeking financial compensation for injuries they claim are preventing them from returning to the activities they once enjoyed could see their chances of recovery diminished if an insurance company secures pictures on social media of the person still engaging in the activities. People should never share any pictures or even comments about their accidents because statements can often be taken out of context.

Call a lawyer

As soon as a person is able after a rideshare crash, they will need to seek legal representation. An experienced personal injury lawyer is going to be the best bet for helping navigate the complicated rideshare accident claims process.


When you hire an attorney to handle your case, they will be working to make sure that you can recover as much as possible. A lawyer can negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf, or they can file a lawsuit to take your case to court when an insurance company is unwilling to extend a respectable offer.

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