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The Crucial Role of Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Crucial Role of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys play a crucial role in U.S. criminal justice system by ensuring their clients facing criminal charges have their legal rights protected. In fact, criminal defense attorneys owe a legal duty to their clients to advocate on their behalf in an effective and zealous manner. The American Bar Association provides that this ethical duty extends in all cases where a criminal prosecution may reasonably result. For example, this duty applies if a person is under investigation or being prosecuted for an alleged criminal act or simply needing legal advice regarding a potential, current or previous criminal matter or subpoena.


If you are under investigation or facing criminal charges, it is paramount to have a criminal defense attorney to defend and protect your legal interests. It is also important not to delay seeking defense counsel. The sooner you retain an attorney, so sooner your legal rights will be protected. Call us today to schedule your free case evaluation with a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer.


Defending and Protecting your Legal Interests

Defense attorneys take on the challenging task of defending you in adversarial proceedings. In criminal matters than can result in serious penalties, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you navigate through this challenging time. 


Protecting Your Rights

A zealous and responsible defense attorney takes their role and duty to defend your constitutional rights seriously. Specifically, a criminal defense attorney ensures the court upholds your Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel, which is available to all, regardless of the type of crime or the evidence against them.


Skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys

Experienced criminal defense attorneys have knowledge of:

  • The rules of evidence 
  • Criminal procedure 
  • Criminal trials
  • Persuasively communicate your story in a compelling way 
  • Vigorously defending your constitutional and procedural rights


Benefits of a Criminal Defense Attorney:

Some of the ways that criminal defense attorneys provide crucial advocacy includes:

  • Conducting client witness interviews 
  • Gathering key facts to support your case and analyze the evidence
  • Performing legal research to build a strong case
  • Preparing your defense and a case theory  
  • Presenting your evidence in a compelling and persuasive manner
  • Timely and effectively drafting, filing, and arguing motions in court
  • If applicable, negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution


In some cases, a criminal defense attorney may be able to have the case against you completely dropped or dismissed, allowing you to move on with your life as if the case had never been filed.


Speak to an Experienced St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Today

The dedicated attorneys at Bruntrager & Billings, P.C are prepared to defend and protect your rights and help you navigate the complex criminal justice system. Our attorneys have extensive experience in St. Louis cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, business law, real estate law, wrongful death, wills and trusts, and estate planning. With several former prosecutors on our staff, we have the knowledge and expertise to represent you in your criminal case. You can get started by calling us at 314-646-0066 or sending us an email through our online contact form.