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Drug Charges Can Affect Your Educational Opportunities

Make no mistake: drug charge -  or criminal charges of any kind - can affect your educational opportunities. Being charged with a drug-related offense may:   Prevent you from gaining admission to certain universities Harm your candidacy for graduate and postgraduate programs Result in suspension or expulsion from your current university Result in the loss of scholarships, financial aid, or other education-related benefits   It’s in your interest to defend yourself from drug charges of any kind. A criminal defense attorney from Bruntrager & Billings, P.C., will lead your defense.   Drugs Charges That Can Jeopardize Your Educational Opportunities    Missouri maintains a long list of drug-related...

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Are There Any Defenses to Breathalyzer Results?

All is not lost if you’ve blown above the legal limit. There are often defenses to breathalyzer results. There is no way around it—adverse breathalyzer results can make a case more challenging. Such results only make a capable legal defense more important. What Is a Breathalyzer? A breathalyzer is the generic name for any number of devices that measures a user’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The breathalyzer is most often used by law enforcement officers who suspect someone of being intoxicated, including motorists.  The first breathalyzer came to market in 1954. Despite being more than half a century old, our justice system uses...

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