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Who Determines When I Can Return to Work After I’m Hurt in an Accident

Who Determines When I Can Return to Work After I’m Hurt in an Accident


Getting an injury as a result of an accident on the job or otherwise can change the course of your life in a matter of moments, forcing you to adjust to a recovery timeline.
You may have to leave work temporarily to allow your body to heal, and you probably want to return and start making money again.
After all, you need income and it has been difficult to survive without it. We understand the challenge of being injured and wanting to simply get back to work to support yourself.
And while this solution is sound enough in the short term, in the long term you may want to reconsider. In this article we will share when is a good time to return back to work, and tips as you prepare to transition back from personal injury.

Avoid Going Back To Work Too Soon

Maybe you believe your injury isn’t that bad or you have recovered enough to return to work. However, returning to work too soon before your body is ready can be bad for both your physical and financial health.
If you have not yet been cleared by a doctor, you could reinjure yourself. Furthermore, returning back to work could be used against you in your claim.
Our suggestion is to get rest and remain in discussion with your employer to see if you may be able to work from home or make accommodations as your health improves. 


Consider These Three Tips As You Recover

                1.Follow Your Treatment Plan And Maintain Follow-Up Appointments 

You should follow your treatment plan with which your doctor has provided you. Also, keep up with follow up appointments because they will help you to track your progress as you recover.
Failure to adhere to doctor guidelines can hinder your recovery timeline. You may also develop additional symptoms if you stop following the guidelines for recovery, or if you do not stay consistent with follow-up appointments. 

                2. Document Your Experiences 

This can help you to track progress and also your doctor can use this information to make additional determinations that could help you make a better recovery.
Keeping a record of your physical and mental observations will allow your doctor to also provide more detailed information back to you about recovery after understanding the scope of the injuries sustained. 

               3. Get Approval From Your Doctor

A doctor’s note, for example, will give you expressed permission to go back to work–and not only that, a note can also help you to determine what you can and cannot do as you make the transition back to the working world.
It should include information such as tests and x-rays, follow-up records, a recovery plan, and any additional information. It offers evidence to all involved parties about the time needed for recovery, and validating that you needed that much time.


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