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Is Legal Weed in other States Resulting in More Stoned Commercial Truck Drivers in Missouri?

Is Legal Weed in other States Resulting in More Stoned Commercial Truck Drivers in Missouri?

In recent years, attitudes towards the use of marijuana have become significantly more permissive, and many state legislatures have responded by decriminalizing the possession and use of the drug. In fact, at the time of this writing, 11 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and many observers anticipate more states will follow.

Right now, Missouri does not allow the use of recreational marijuana, but many people in the state wonder whether the fact that many nearby states – including neighboring Illinois – have legalized weed will result in more stoned truck drivers on the road. After all, what’s to stop a truck driver driving through Colorado on I-70 from stopping at a dispensary in Breckenridge, getting bored in Kansas, and getting stoned on the way to Missouri?

We Just Don’t Know

Right now, there is no real way to tell whether legalized marijuana in other states is affecting the number of stoned drivers in Missouri. It’s easy to see how it could be, but as of now, Missouri crash data does not keep track of what substance an impaired driver was using at the time of an arrest. In addition, even if there have been more arrests for driving while impaired by marijuana, that could be the result of increased enforcement efforts because of the perception of risk due to more accessible marijuana, rather than an actual spike in the number of stoned drivers on the road.

Protecting Your Rights After an Accident Caused by a Stoned Truck Driver

If you are involved in an accident with a truck driver, there are certain things that you should do to make sure you can obtain any compensation to which you are entitled under the law. These include the following:

  • Make sure to call 911 to summon police to the scene of the accident. Law enforcement officers are trained to spot intoxicated drivers, and if the truck driver that hit you is arrested and convicted of drugged driving, it can make the process of getting compensation much simpler.
  • Undergo a thorough medical evaluation, even if you do not think your injuries are particularly serious. It’s important to develop evidence of your injuries and their severity for any insurance claim you are planning on making.
  • Contact an attorney as soon as you can. Commercial trucking insurers know that they are operating in a high-risk industry and will do everything they can to minimize or deny your claim. A lawyer will protect your rights and make sure that you obtain compensation for all of your losses.

Driving Under the Influence is Never Okay          

As marijuana use becomes more and more acceptable, it’s important to remember that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and puts you and everyone else around you at serious risk of injury. This is true whether the intoxicating substance at issue is legal or illegal. We encourage everyone to take the Missouri S.A.F.E – Sober and Free of Electronics Pledge. You can learn more about the pledge and the dangers of distracting driving in our blog post here.

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